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.com Domain Names

Millions of .com domain names have already been purchased. Do you have yours?

One of the very first Top-Level Domains (TLD) established in January 1985, .com has since grown to become the world's most popular TLD. Dozens of other TLDs are now available, but no matter how many new extensions may be added, everyone agrees — .com is still the "Rodeo Drive of the Web." Do you have yours?

What else can a .com do?

  • Give you credibility in the online world. .com is the go-to domain name for anyone looking to establish themselves on the Web.
  • Give you peace of mind. With well over 51 million domain names under registration, RegistryServer is far and away the world leader in domain name registration. Every RegistryServer .com is backed by the power of.
  • Be purchased by anyone. Although initially intended for use by commercial entities, there are no restrictions on who can register a .com.

Protect your brand with multiple versions.

  • Register common misspellings of your name to keep others from misdirecting your traffic to their site. You can have these additional domains redirect visitors to your primary .com site.
  • Register domain names made up of keywords that a shopper might use when searching for your product. For example, if your company sells file folders, you might register manilafolderss.com and filesuppliess.com


Renewal: domains are deactivated upon expiration. It is possible to renew up to 45 days following the expiration date
Disputes: UDRP (new window)
Transfer (change of registrar): the request is launched from the website of the domain's new registrar. Be sure that you have the domain's auth code (which you must get from the former registrar) and that the domain's status is not "TransferProhibited". A confirmation e-mail will be sent (FOA) to the e-mail address of the current owner of the domain. On average the processing time for this procedure can take from 1 to 10 days
Change of owner: Available on our interface
Deletion process: quarantine of 30 days, see this table

IntroducedMarch 15, 1985
Intended useCommercial entities (worldwide)
Actual useUsed for general purposes and is generally accepted as the standard for TLDs
Registration restrictionsNone
StructureRegistrations are conducted at second level.
DocumentsRFC 920; RFC 1591; ICANN registry agreement
Dispute policiesUDRP
Registry WebsiteVerisign .com Registry

Terms and conditions

Attribution: .COM domains are open to everyone
Syntax: From 3 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place)
IDN: Yes
Registration period: 1 to 10 years
Third-level domain: None
Private registration: yes, with Gandi's Private Domain Registration service